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High-reliability long-life bearing steel formed by developing and combining new steelmaking and cleanliness inspection technologies.

Contributing to extended life of bearings.

  • High performance

  • Reliability

  • Process shortening

  • Cost down

Highly reliable and long-life bearing steel
  • The Company developed a new steelmaking technology to reduce harmful non-metal inclusions in steel to the utmost limit and, at the same time, an inspection technology for assessing the minimum existence frequency of those by a large volume; by combining these two technologies, high reliability and enhanced life has been enabled.
Improved bearing life and reduction in size and weight
  • Since the reliability to steel cleanliness has been greatly improved, short-term breakage of bearings, which is the final product, can be suppressed and an extended life can be expected.
  • The bearing reliability has been improved, and reduction in size and weight of components can be expected.
  • To increase the life and reliability of bearings, etc. which are used under severe conditions.
  • To miniaturize and reduce weight of transmission bearings for automobiles, etc.

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