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Trust from the community

Social Contribution Activity

The Sanyo Special Steel Group aims to evolve along with society and is actively promoting social contribution activities.

Activities to foster the development of human resources responsible for the next generation

We want children who will shoulder responsibility for the next generation to deepen their interest and curiosity in manufacturing, and we invite elementary school students from nearby schools on visits and we hold factory tours with the hope that they will become fans of our company. The children can see at close range the factory's enormous machines and equipment while hearing their loud noises and feeling the heat they generate. And the surprised voices of the children can be heard in the factory.
We also provide steel materials to nearby industrial high schools for students’ practice. The high school students aim at winning prizes in high school student competitions in crafting and producing devices, and we encourage them to hone their techniques on a daily basis. With a desire to support students in this way, we have been providing materials since 2015.

Factory visit targeting neighboring elementary school students

Contributing to the promotion of culture in the region

We established the Sanyo Special Steel Cultural Promotion Foundation for the purpose of contributing to the promotion of culture in the region. We sponsor various events, including cultural lecture meetings and New Year’s concerts by elementary and junior high school students, and we make donations of books.
For the cultural lecture meetings, we sponsor a wide variety of lectures based on topics of interest at the time including subjects such as sports, science, and history. The New Year's concert aims to give children and students the experience of enjoying music first hand and to provide a venue for choral groups and young wind instrument musicians to present the results of their practice. Through musical activities, we hope to assist in the development of children’s imaginative expression. Every year in January we cosponsor this concert with the Himeji City Board of Education.
Through our donation of books to elementary schools, we aim to revitalize school libraries to enable children to develop rich sensitivities and diverse values through books. We aim to donate books twice during the six-year period that children attend elementary school.

The New Year’s concert held in 2019

Social contribution activity with company athletic team

Since 2017, the Track and Field team, under the sponsorship of the Sanyo Special Steel Cultural Promotion Foundation has been holding the "One-day Track and Field lecture " for students from Grade 4 in elementary school until the final year of junior high school.
The program aims for the purpose of contributing to the promotion of local sports by enabling children to experience the enjoyment of physical activity and to improve the children’s health and competitive skills. The athletic team members devise activities that mix warm-up exercises with fun and, as a final activity, hold a mini “Ekiden” race with the children. The venue rings with excitement and cheers as the children run with all their might.
In addition, our athletic team has concluded an agreement on cooperation on providing information on road damage etc. with Himeji City. This agreement is expected to discover anomalies in the details of sidewalks and car side streets that are difficult to detect in running cars, as players run extensively in the city with practice. There are cases where the road collapse and the place where the white line was going out was provided to the Himeji City and led to repair.

"One-day Track and Field lecture" held in 2019

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