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While promoting corporate management with integrity, fairness, and transparency through the practice of our corporate philosophy, “confidence-based management,” we fulfill our economic and social missions in order to gain the confidence of all our stakeholders and build a sustainable relationship with society.

Relationship with stakeholders

Based on our strong awareness of our company as a member of society, we strive to build a relationship of trust with our stakeholders including our customers, clients, shareholders and investors, the local community, and our employees. We are committed to earning our customers’ satisfaction and trust by developing high-quality special steel products and supplying of our products stably. We are also committed to engaging in fair, transparent, and free competition and in appropriate trade. We communicate with society at large by actively and fairly disclosing corporate information. We endeavor to actively contribute to society as a “good corporate citizen.” Moreover, we respect each and every employee and ensure a safe and comfortable workplace by realizing an environment that is supportive and enriching.
Through these efforts, we will respond to the requests and expectations of our stakeholders in Japan and abroad and, in doing so, we will earn their trust and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Initiatives in CSR management

To practice CSR management, we remain constantly aware of what our economic mission and social mission should be, and we have been engaging in CSR activities to fulfill these missions.

Mission to be fulfilled


  • Stable supply of high-quality products
  • Sustainable efforts to improve quality
  • Promotion of technology and research on steel

Business partners

  • Fair and equitable trading
  • Sustainable procurement activities

Shareholders & investors

  • Appropriate disclosure of financial information
  • Communication with shareholders and investors
  • Promotion of prompt and transparent management

Local communities

  • Regional revitalization both in Japan and overseas
  • Support activities for volunteer/cultural promotions


  • Development of work-friendly environments
  • Training for international personnel
  • Eradication of occupational accidents
  • Improvement of disaster prevention awareness

Environment (the planet)

  • Development of environmentally friendly products and technologies
  • Efforts towards environmental preservation

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