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1.Sanyo Special Steel Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) will observe the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” and other related laws and regulations. The Company will use the personal information related to customers and trading partners, etc. (hereinafter called “the party concerned”) that is obtained during the business activities of the company for the following purposes and within the scope necessary for the business of the company.

  1. For the provision of products and services and information related to them
  2. For research and development for products and services
  3. For the purchasing of raw materials, goods and services
  4. To respond to inquiries from the party concerned
  5. To implement the work connected to the items above

However, these limitations will not apply in cases when a different purpose of use has been clearly stated, notified or public announced to the party concerned by the company.

2.In principle, the Company will not disclose or provide personal data to a third party without the agreement of the party concerned. However, the following exceptions shall apply.

  1. When the party concerned has agreed
  2. When the disclosure or provision is performed in accordance with laws and regulations, etc.
  3. When the disclosure or provision is in a form that makes it impossible to identify the party concerned, for example, in statistical data
  4. When work is outsourced
  5. When the information is used jointly with other group companies, etc.

3.The Company will jointly use personal data within the scope below.

Items to be used jointly Name, place of employment, department and managerial position, address, telephone number, FAX number, email address, contents of inquiry
Scope of persons to use the information jointly
Purpose of joint use The purposes written in 1 above
Party responsible for the joint use The Company

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