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Steel for die casting dies with superb strength and toughness

QDX-HARMOTEX contributes to “total cost reduction” of die.

  • High performance

  • Cost down

Steel for die casting dies that provides both high strength and toughness.
  • By increasing the thermal stability of carbide, high-temperature strength is improved by about 1.3 times that of JIS SKD61 steel, preventing generation of large cracks or microscopic chipping of dies. In January 2016, QDX-HARMOTEX was accredited and registered as a high-strength grade steel for die casting dies by the North American Die Casting Association (NADCA).

Enlarged cross-sectional view of a test piece after repeating 100 cycles of heating and cooling,
with heating from room temperature to 600°C and cooling from 600°C to room temperature as one cycle.
Microcracks are formed due to thermal fatigue; however,
in QDX-HARMOTEX that has high-temperature strength and toughness,
generation and propagation of cracks are suppressed and the depth and width of cracks are alleviated as compared with SKD61.

QDX-HARMOTEX contributes to increased productivity and reduction in manufacturing cost due to the increased dies service life.
  • Owing to its properties of high strength and toughness, QDX-HARMOTEX contributes to greater stability and improvement of service life of die casting dies.

Hot die casting and forging dies of aluminum, zinc, magnesium, etc.

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