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Nitrided P/M high-speed steel with outstanding wear and seizure resistance.

SPMX4N contributes to “total cost reduction” due to increased dies service life and productivity.

  • High performance

  • Cost down

SPMX4N contributes to increased service life of dies and provides the wear resistance about four times that of conventional.
  • Allowing nitrogen in steel at a high concentration in the metal powder state can generate homogeneous carbonitrides even to the material inside.
  • Carbonitrides exhibit outstanding properties in wear and seizure resistance due to a small friction coefficient. In particular, wear resistance of more than four times that of our conventional materials has been achieved.
  • Carbonitrides are dispersed more finely than carbides and improves toughness that contributes to the chipping resistance.
  • SPMX4N contributes to improved productivity and cost reduction due to an improved dies service life.
  • SPMX4N can shorten lead time and reduce dies cost by eliminating surface treatment.
  • Dies, punches, slitting blades, etc.
  • In particular, SPMX4N exhibits high performance in working aluminum alloys and stainless steels.