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Improved P/M high-speed steel with toughness and corrosion resistance.

SPMR8 contributes to extended service life of dies and tools.

  • High performance

  • Cost down

Making the most of alloy design, which the powder metallurgy process enables, and homogeneous and dense metallographic structure, outstanding toughness and corrosion resistance are achieved.
  • Toughness is greater than that of powder high-speed steel (SPM23).
  • Corrosion resistance is equivalent to or higher than that of high-chromium cold-work tool steel.
  • Hardness and wear resistance are equivalent to powder high-speed steel (SPM23).
SPMR8 improves dies and tool service life and contributes to cost reduction.
  • SPMR8 provides high hardness and high toughness and contributes to suppress early cracking and chipping while dies are used.
  • The outstanding corrosion resistance to various acid environments contributes to suppression of early wear arising from corrosion of plastic molding machine components.
  • Cold forging dies and cold-work tools where high toughness is essential.
    (Punches, rolls, mandrels, etc.)
  • Plastic molding machine components

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