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Hot working die steel with excellent high temperature strength and toughness

Contributing to productivity enhancement and the reduction of production costs by improving die life

  • High performance

  • Cost down

High-temperature strength and toughness are achieved at a high level.
  • QDH is a hot working die steel that combines high temperature strength equivalent to SKD7 and toughness on a par with SKD61 as well as hardenability.
  • By possessing perfectly balanced characteristics in terms of high temperature strength and toughness, QDH contributes to the extension of die life through reducing metal fatigue, wear and cracks.
QDH (QD-Hot) greatly improves die service life and contributes to increased productivity and product cost reduction.
  • As compared with the typical general purpose steel SKD61 (JIS steel), QDH(QD-Hot) is equipped with high-temperature strength and toughness that serves as an index, respectively, of deformation and wear of dies and difficulty to crack in a well-balanced manner and also provides an outstanding fatigue strength. The material can greatly improve the tool service life.
  • In particular, applying QDH (QD-Hot) to hot forging dies or die-casting dies used under extremely severe conditions is expected to achieve a high service life improvement effect.
Hot/Warm forging dies, Casting Dies, extrusion dies, etc.