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High-hardness shot peening blasting material

Blasting material for shot peening that provides both high strength and hardness.
Blasting material for shot peening that has both 1200-HV class high hardness and density equivalent to that of steel shot.

The high shot peening effect contributes greatly to the improvement of fatigue strength of applied components.

  • High performance

  • Small size and lightweight.

  • Cost down

  • ECO

The blasting material has both high hardness and density, and imparts big compressive residual stress to applied components.

The material provides high hardness (1200 HV) and high density (7.4 Mg/m2) equivalent to that of zirconia and steel shots, respectively, and is able to impart high compressive residual stress to the material with high surface hardness such as carburized material.

The high shot peening effect and outstanding life characteristics contribute to increased fatigue strength and cost reduction of applied components.
  • Since the fatigue strength of shot-applied components can be greatly improved by the high shot peening effect achieved by high hardness and density, reduction in size and weight of components are enabled.
  • Due to high ductility and capabilities to suppress dust generation caused by wear of blasting material as well as long service life as blasting material, the material also contributes to reduction of shot processing running cost.

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