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High-carbon chromium bearing steel

Sanyo special steel boasts of world-class high-reliability bearing steel.

Sanyo special steel contributes to increased bearing reliability, streamlining of work process, and improved yield.

  • Reliability

  • High performance

  • Cost down

  • Process shortening

Having established the operation technology to control the size of non-metal inclusions in steel.

Sanyo’s high carbon chromium bearing steel is a premium cleanliness steel with the oxygen content in steel reduced to a minimum by establishing a new steelmaking process “SNRP (Sanyo New Refining Process),” which controls the sizes of oxide-based non-metal inclusions.

Contributing to increased reliability of bearings by remarkably high cleanliness.
  • High carbon chromium bearing steel increases the material reliability by reducing inclusions that serve as the initiation point of fatigue failure.
  • Using high carbon bearing steel, Sanyo special steel manufactures products of any kind of shapes including bar steels, steel tubes, formed and fabricated materials, and others; it also contributes to streamlining of work processes and increases the yield ratio.

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