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Aims of Sanyo Special Steel

Our business strategy is based on “Confidence-based Management,” and Sanyo Special Steel aims to establish “Confidence of society,” “Confidence of customers” and “Confidence among people.”

We intend to earn confidence of society by contributing to the realization of an affluent and cultural society and fulfilling our commitment as a member of society through “production of high-quality special steel.” We also intend to earn confidence of customers by offering high-quality special steel and promptly and properly responding to their needs. Furthermore, we intend to establish confidence among people through communicating with all stakeholders and carrying out self-reliant actions conforming to social norms. We believe the attitudes mentioned above are essential for the continued business operations and social missions that companies must carry out.

For further enhancement of the brand power of
“Sanyo Special Steel – the Confident Choice”

Since its foundation in 1933, Sanyo Special Steel has been constantly supplying high-quality special steel. Among others, our bearing steel, one of our major products, is highly evaluated in the global market for its unsurpassed high quality and reliability. Sanyo Special Steel intends to maintain both economic performance and social performance by enhancing the brand power of “Sanyo Special Steel – the Confident Choice ", as well as fulfilling its responsibilities as a member of society, which include implementation of global environment measures and corporate missions. We aim to be a company that is even more trusted by all stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, employees and society, by increasing our corporate value through these efforts.