Environmental Activities

Contribution to recycling of resources, using scrap iron as the main raw material
Sanyo Special Steel plays a role in the resource recycling society, through recycling iron resources by setting special steel production from scrap iron as the main raw material as the core business.
We also offer special steel products featuring high-quality characteristics, including premium cleanliness steel that improves the service life and reliability of bearings and automobile parts as well as stainless steel that improves the heat recovery rate of boilers. These products are effective for reducing the weight and extending the service life of final products as well as streamlining the manufacturing process, leading to saving of resources and energies when customers produce products and when they are used by consumers.


Environmental policy

We at Sanyo Special Steel will give consideration to environmental conservation in all stages of our business operations to support a recycling-oriented society. We do so under the notion that environmental problems are important issues that should be solved by efforts of the entire human race. Further, we do so as a company that is located in a beautiful environment, having Himeji Castle, which is designated as a world cultural heritage and important national asset, to the north and the Seto Inland Sea National Park to the south.
Sanyo Special Steel, as a company that manufactures and distributes special steel and non-ferrous metal, will implement environmental management based on the following policies.
  1. We will recycle metal resources by manufacturing iron and steel products using scrap iron as the raw material.
  2. We will abide by environment-related laws, regulations and agreements, continue to improve the environment management system and strictly control business operations that may affect the environment.
  3. We will promote resource saving, energy saving, recycling of byproducts, reduction of wastes and reduction in emission of contaminated substances to prevent contamination of the environment, aiming for reduction of environmental impact in all stages of our business activities and contribution to environment conservation.
  4. We will establish environmental goals and targets for achievement of the environment policies. The goals and targets will be reviewed at least once a year and revised, if needed.
  5. The environment policies will be informed to all employees through education and training, and the general manager of the Environment Management Department will be assigned as the person responsible for controlling the environment system, aiming for complete management and control of the environment system.

Preventative measures against global warming

Promoting the changeover from heavy oils to city gas (natural gas)
Our company is actively promoting the switch from heavy oils to city gas (natural gas). One of city gas’s (natural gas) distinct features is that it carries a much smaller environmental burden compared to heavy oils.

The changeover from heavy oils to city gas is nearly complete. In 2015, city gas (natural gas) made up 99.9% of the fuel consumed by our company.

Graph of ratio of fuel usage (converted to thermal units)

Promotion of modal shift
Modal shift means converting cargo/human transportation means from automobiles/airplanes to railways and ships with less environmental impact.
CO2 emissions will be reduced by about 75% by shifting to ship transportation and about 85% by shifting to railroad transportation, compared with truck transportation, according to sources.
We use ships for carrying steel materials from Head Office/Works (Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture) to logistics bases in Tokyo, Nagoya, Shikoku, Hiroshima and Kyushu. The ratio of ship transportation based on shipment volume is much higher than the average of the manufacturing industry.
We also introduced special containers to transport steel materials by railroad from Himeji to Akita.

Introduction of electric cars
We use environment-conscious electric cars for use by the company, as part of our efforts for environment conservation. The body design of the electric cars was selected from designs suggested by employees of the group companies. We held an open competition to enhance awareness of environmental conservation, and the best design was selected for the cars.

Promotion of recycling of byproducts

We promote usage of all electric arc furnace slag for production, as part of our efforts to realize a resource recycle-oriented society.
Electric arc furnace slag, generated in the production process, are used as alternatives for natural resources such as stones and sand and are acknowledged as industrial products by various industries. Electric arc furnace slag is entirely processed into products for sale. The process includes volume stabilization treatment called aging, grain size control and inspection. Sanyo Special Steel’s products made from electric arc furnace slag are used as roadbed materials and asphalt aggregates. They have been used as asphalt aggregates in resource recycle-oriented pavements of the city of Himeji since 2005. We have improved control systems for production, distribution and quality, strictly conforming to the “Guidelines for management of iron and steel slag products” specified by the Nippon Slag Association. While maintaining the control systems, we obtain a certification from a third-party institution every year to further improve the reliability.

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