We have been making efforts to establish, and educate employees on, compliance-based corporate management.

Hold lecture sessions on compliance

Sanyo Special Steel Group has established the “Guidelines for Corporate Behavior,” which indicate how we should act as a corporation, and a whistle-blowing system, as a part of our compliance structure.
Furthermore, we provide compliance education encompassing various themes and hold compliance lectures to improve our employees' compliance awareness.
Each of the employees understands the social responsibilities of the Company through these sessions, playing a main role in putting the training sessions into practice.

Compliance system

Compliance System

Risk Management Committee

The Committee discusses compliance policies and specific measures based on these policies. If any situation or behavior deviates or is likely to deviate form lows and regulations etc., the Committee investigates the actual situation, deliberates on appropriate corrective measures, and takes other relevant actions.

Whistle-blowing system

We have initiated a whistle-blowing system designed to help prevent occurrence of misconduct. The“Compliance Helpline” is aimed at detecting at an early stage any apparent or probable circumstances/acts which are deemed inappropriate in light of lows and regulations, social norms, and/or company rules, and allowing prompt and appropriate action to be taken to prevent misconduct.

Corporate Action Guidelines

Corporate Action Guidelines

The steel industry in Japan, which is the base material industry, is required to carry out the mission of contributing to the improvement of people’s lives and development of the Japanese economy and society, through constantly supplying steel products that are useful in wide-ranging applications to society.

Based on this mission and a strong awareness that it is a member of society, Sanyo Special Steel has established a trusting relationship with society, through faithful and fair business operations.
Business corporations should widely contribute to society and are expected to create added values through fair competition and develop the economy and society through generation of jobs. Sanyo Special Steel aims to respect human rights inside and outside Japan, abide by the relevant laws and regulations and conform to and respect the spirit of international rules. We also aim to fulfill our social responsibilities regarding creation of a sustainable society, based on high ethical standards.
To fulfill these missions, Sanyo Special Steel has established the “Guidelines for Corporate Behavior” that specify the expected actions in detail.

  1. As a company belonging to the basic material industry, Sanyo Special Steel will make efforts to develop and supply high-quality special steel products constantly, to satisfy customers and consumers and to earn their trust.
  2. Sanyo Special Steel will ensure fair, transparent and free competition as well as fair trade. We will also maintain sound and proper relationship with political parties and the government.
  3. Sanyo Special Steel will make efforts to communicate with shareholders and society in general and disclose corporate information in a positive and fair manner. We will pay careful attention to protecting and administrating information including individual information and customer information.
  4. Sanyo Special Steel will respect the versatility, personality and individuality of employees to realize safe and comfortable workplaces with a relaxed and affluent atmosphere.
  5. Sanyo Special Steel will take the initiative in solving environmental issues, based on the notion that environmental measures should be implemented by the entire human race and are essential for the existence and activities of business corporations.
  6. Sanyo Special Steel will positively perform social contribution activities as a “sound corporation in society.”
  7. Sanyo Special Steel will handle antisocial forces and groups which pose a threat to the social order and safety in a resolute manner and completely avoid having relationships with such forces and groups.
  8. Sanyo Special Steel will abide by the laws of each country and region and respect human rights and international rules in performing global business operations. We will also give consideration to cultures and customs in performing business management, aiming to contribute to the development of the relevant country and region.
  9. Top-level executives of Sanyo Special Steel will acknowledge that they are responsible for implementing the Guidelines and act as role models, while making efforts to ensure complete implementation of the guidelines by the group companies and business partners. The executives will also listen actively to the opinions of employees inside and outside the company and establish an internal control system to realize an effective system.
  10. In the event of actions being made that go against the Guidelines, top-level executives will clarify the intention to solve the problem with regards to people inside and outside the company and make efforts to identify the cause and prevent recurrence of the trouble. The executives will also provide information promptly and properly and explain the situation, clarify authority and responsibilities, and severely punish the persons involved, including themselves.

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