Tool Steel

Long service life with extremely high durability
Tool steel, used to make dies and tools, is special steel featuring high shock resistance, wear resistance, fatigue strength and high-temperature strength.
Sanyo Special Steel offers high-quality tool steel featuring high-cleanliness and constant mechanical properties and heat treatment properties in round bars, flat square bars and tubes, responding to diversified needs of customers.

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Major Grades

Hot working tool steel

Hot working tool steel provides superior thermal resistance and softening resistance and is used for hot/warm forging, hot extrusion and die-casting.

Cold working tool steel

Cold working tool steel provides high strength, toughness, and superior wear resistance and is used for cold forging/pressing and fine blanking.

Plastic mold steel

Plastic mold steel provides high corrosion resistance, wear resistance, weldability, mirror finishability and is used for forming plastic and rubber products.

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